Another hard working week in Class 4!

Well done to the following children for achieving full marks in their spelling test today:

This week’s good work cards were awarded to Shauna and Rhiannon.  Shauna has worked hard all week in Literacy and and has written a fantastic conversation.  Rhiannon has been listening very carefully in all lessons this week and has worked particularly well in Numeracy.  Well done, girls!
I hope you all have a wondeful half term and I will see you back at school on Monday 22nd February.
Miss O’Neill

Leapfrog Challenge

Congratulations to:
 who all achieved their Leapfrog Challenge today. 

Education City- Some of you wanted the password and username so that you could try some of the different Year 4 activities.  If you find some of them too difficult try the Year 3 activities and if you think you can face a challenge why not try some of the Year 5 activities!

user name-330kitwell
password- 793337
Don’t forget to learn your spellings and remember to write five exciting sentences using some of the ‘wow’ words on the list.
Miss O’Neill

What a wonderful week!!

We have had a fantastic week in Class 4.  Everybody has worked extremely hard and you should all feel very proud of yourselves!  Congratulations to Loui-Jayden who shared his outstanding Numeracy work with the rest of the school in Good Work Assembly.  Chloe was also chosen to show her excellent Topic work.  Bethany, Ellie-May, Oliver and Shelby all achieved their Leapfrog challenge this week so well done to all of you.  We have had such a great week that Ellie-May, Shauna, Maigen, Harry, Bethany, Loui-Jayden, Chelsea, Dillon, Emily, Keryn and Jensen were rewarded with a zone board prize as they were all on the gold zone three or more times this week! 

Thank you for a wonderful week!  Have a lovely weekend and I will see you all on Monday.
Miss O’Neill