Snow days

In the event of school being closed due to bad weather please try to complete some of these activities at home.

Literacy ~ we have looked at a variety of newspaper articles in school.  Write your own newspaper article.  You could write about the weather or you may choose to write about another topic.  Remember to include a catchy headline, appropriate vocabulary and a picture with a suitable caption.  Please read your reading books and learn our weekly spellings.  When reading you could ‘steal’ some wow words and when practicing your spellings write some of them in spelling sentences.

Numeracy ~ please practice your times tables.  Practice multiplying 2 and 3 digit numbers using the grid method.  You could also write some of your own multiplication word problems.

Spanish ~ practice counting to 20 and go onto the following link to practice the alphabet song which we have been learning

Science ~ draw and label working circuits.  There are fun activities to complete on education city where you need to complete circuits to make them work properly.

For Education City, the username is:- 330Kitwell and the password is 793337.

Have fun in the snow, wrap up warm and keep safe,

Miss O’Neill xx


Our first half term in Year 4

Welcome to Year 4’s blog!

We had a great first half term in Year 4.  Well done to you all for working so hard.  Many of you have been enjoying learning about the Tudors in our topic lessons and have even done some extra work at home!  We also started to learn Spanish.  I am particularly impressed with how well  you can count to 20 in Spanish…well done!  Many of you were chosen to celebrate your hard work in Good work assemblies, so you should be very proud of yourselves.  On the last day of term Harley and Chloe were presented with a certificate for showing respect during this first half term. 

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I am looking forward to another hard working and enjoyable half term with you all. 

Miss O’Neill