Hello, Class 4!

Here’s the link to the OpenOffice software. It’s just like Microsoft Office…but the best thing is that it’s completely free. Check with an adult in your house before you download anything.

Click HERE to visit the OpenOffice website and download the software.
Use the ‘Impress’ program to makes slideshows like we’ve done at school using Microsoft Powerpoint.

Good Work Assembly

Congratulations to Abbie and George who were chosen to show their good work in assembly today.  Abbie was chosen for her excellent Spanish work.  She has learnt the days of the week and her Spanish singing was fabulous!  George was chosen because he has worked hard in Numeracy all week when we have been learning about fractions.  Well done to both of you.

Congratulations to the following children who have achieved their Leapfrog challenge this week:




Have a lovely weekend, Class 4,

Miss O’Neill xx