Chocolate Tasting!

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To get our new Topic ‘Chocolate’ off to a super start, we tasted a variety of sweet and savoury snacks to find out which we preferred. We also enjoyed tasting a variety of different chocolate. Milk chocolate got the most votes. YUMMY!

Snow Day Activities 23.01.13

Hello Class 4. I hope that you get a chance to enjoy the snow today, but remember to stay safe! Here are a few activities to keep you busy today!

* Maybe you could try taking some photos of you in the snow, or of any snowmen you make. You could write a story or newspaper report about your snowman coming to life. What adventures did he go on? Who did he meet?

* Have fun whilst developing your numeracy skills by playing some of the maths games on the websites listed below.

* You could also design a poster all about chocolate. You could use the website below to find out some interesting facts.

* Have a look at the science game below. It will help with your Hot and Cold Topic. liquids/annie02.shtml

Remember to read your books and learn your spellings too. Bring any of the work you complete in on Monday to show everyone. (You might even  get extra team points!)

Have fun in the snow and I will see you all on Monday.

Mrs Allen x