Cadbury’s World.

Class 4 enjoyed a fantastic Day out at Cadbury’s World. The Day began with an interesting talk where we learnt about the origins of chocolate, and how it has developed into the chocolate we taste today. We also got the chance to look at the way Cadbury’s advertise their chocolate. We are able to identify lots of examples!

We were very excited to enter the exhibition and really enjoyed all the interactive activities. We met The Aztecs, The Mayans and the famous Spanish exploror, Cortez. Desterny lost a bet to a rich lady, and we all got shaken like cocoa beans!

It was a lovely day, and we got to eat our lunch outside before entering ‘Essence’, where we got the opportunity to find out about the discovery of Dairy Milk and taste some of the yummy liquid chocolate!
The day flew by and soon it was nearly time to go, but not before a visit to the Cadbury’s shop! We all had some difficult choices to make…Crunchie or Wispa?

The children had a fabulous time and they behaved brilliantly. I was very impressed by how much information they had remembered from their work in class, and they were a credit to Kitwell. Well done Class 4. Cadbury photos coming soon…