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‘The Skeleton King’ by Lewis

One Halloween, Bob was walking down the cobbled stone path. It was way past dusk. But then he heard MARCH MARCH and an army of zombies stomped behind the Skeleton King with a battered sword.

He followed them into a millennium year old church with a statue made from pure bronze saying ‘Go back!’ He barely listened and crept into a creeky tunnel.

He saw a zombie and chased it with the battle pike to kill it. In the basement, the wooden pillars would not hold much longer. BOOM! CRASH!!! The roof fell down and he saw the Skeleton King. The Skeleton King consumed Bob.

‘Ha ha ha ha haaaaaa,’ croacked the Skeleton King. He was half human half skeleton.

‘Ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaa!’


The End


Buzz Aldrin Biography by Imogen


Buzz was born on the 20th January 1930 in Montclair, New Jersey. His mom Marion Moon, was the daughter of an Army Chaplain. Buzz’s farther Edwin Eugene Aldrin was a Colonel in the Air Force. When Buzz  was born , he wasn’t called Buzz he named Edwin Eugene Aldrin Jr. The name Buzz came from his sister mispronouncing the name brother to buzzer ,he legally changed his name in 1988.


In 1947 Buzz graduated from High School and headed to point Military Academy in New York. Buzz then graduated from Montclair and bachelor science degree in 1951.


Buzz, Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins land on the moon. Apollo crew landed on the moon on 20th July 1969. The three lunar explorers return safely down to Earth on 24th July 1969.

By Imy.

Interview with a Police Officer by Hannah

Hannah interviewed a police officer. Here are the answers to her questions. Thank you very much to the Police Officer who answer the questions!

Question 1: What is your full name? – My full name is ####### #########.

Question 2: How long have you been a Police Officer? – I have been a Police Officer for 5yrs.

Question 3: Do you have a police number? – Yes. In the police it’s called FIN or Force Identification Number.

Question 4: What rank do you hold in the Police Service? – I am a Special Inspector.

Question 5: Have you ever arrested anyone? – Yes, I have many people but my first arrest was for Criminal Damage to property.

Question 6:  Have you ever been on a night mission? – Yes I have. As it gets closer to Christmas, the police often put on extra patrols at night time to prevent houses being broken into and property being stolen.

Question 7: Have you ever been hurt when on duty? – Not badly but yes I have had some cuts and bruises.

Question 8: How old were you when you joined the Police Service?  I was 42.

Question 9: What station are you based at? –I am based in Esher, Surrey.

Question 10: What department do you work in? –I work for the Safer Neighbourhoods Team looking after the community of Elmbridge Borough.

Question 11: When you start your shift, how long are you on duty? – I normally work a 10hr shift but if you are involved in an arrest you may need to work for longer. The longest shift I have done is 16hrs.

Question 12: Do you have a police car? – I do drive a police car and can stop drivers if required to do so.

Buzz Aldrin Biography by Ayden


Buzz Aldrin was born in 1930,on the 20th January, in Montclair, New Jersey. His mother was called Marion Moon and his father was Edwin Eugene Aldrin. Marion was the daughter of an army Chaplin, Edwin was a colonel in the U.S air force. Buzz’s name at birth was Edwin Eugene Aldrin Jr. His family changed his name to Buzz when his sister mispronounced brother and said  buzzer so he changed his name legally in1988.


In 1947 Buzz graduated from Montclair high school. After he graduated he went to a military academy in New York. He graduated 3rd in his class in 1951 with a BS in mechanical engineering.

Carrier before being an astronaut

Aldrin flew 66 combat missions during the Korean war. In the war Buzz destroyed 2 planes in a small plane called an f-80. He served as a gunnery instructor. He retired from the air force in March 1972.


Buzz became an astronaut in October 1963 and that’s when he met Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins. When they got to the moon Buzz was 2nd to go out. They returned to Earth on 24th July 1969.

Story by Emily

Harry Poterson

Once upon a time there lived a little boy called Harry Poterson  and he is related to Harry Potter  but their fathers didn’t get along. The two Harrys played and joked around with each other while their parents  were  arguing  well now you know what his life is like would you like to see his fact file?? Well you can just look beneath this piece of writing. OK.










Buzz Aldrin Biography by Emily


Buzz Aldrin was born on the 20th January 1930 Montclair New Jersey, to his mother and father Marion Moon and Edwin Eugene Aldrin. His mother was a daughter of a army chaplain and his father was a colonel in the US Air Force. At birth his name was Edwin Eugene Aldrin Jr. He got the name Buzz from his little sister because she couldn’t pronounce brother and said buzzer so his parents shortened it to Buzz. He  became interested in flight at an early age because his father encouraged him.


In 1947 Buzz graduated from Montclair high school. In 1951 he received a banchelor of science.  He went on to receive a doctorate MIT in the Gemini Target Office of the Air Force Division, Los Angeles.


Aldrin was in the third group of austronauts  named to National Austronaut and Space Administration in 1963. The spacecraft and the lunar explorers  landed on earth in 1969, buzz was chosen for the Apollo 11 crew that  landed on the moon 20 july 1969.

Life After Being An Astronaut

In 1971 Buzz returned to the Air Force and left a year later because he needed to retire. Buzz wrote a book about his trip to outer space because he wanted to let people know how he felt.

‘The Stolen Bag’ by Tae-Jah

One day in a small town, a girl called Lila Rose age 18 was walking home and on the way she noticed she forgot to get money out of her bank.

I was on my Police patrol driving past the bank all of a sudden I saw a young lady sitting on the floor crying I jumped out of the car and ran to the lady she had scars on her face and a knocked out tooth !   “Are you ok”I said. “He tttook mmy bbag” the lady said.

I immediately got my radio and called for an ambulance, and gave them our location, witnesses stayed with the girl until the ambulance came.

I radioed this information to my fellow offers. I immediately got in the car and went out looking for the man. I drove around the shop I could not see him I turned around I spotted him I pounced out the car got my batten and hit his leg he fell to the floor I quickly got my handcuffs out and put them on him, I arrested him I got my radio and called for backup and a van we took him to the station for questioning and later was found guilty in court     A witness came forward and described the man I got my note pad and jotted down some stuff.

We returned the lady’s bag and her name was Lila rose age 18.