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Buzz Aldrin Biography by Megan


Buzz Aldrin was born in Montclair, New Jersey on the 20th of January in 1930. His parents names were Marion Moon and the dads name was Edwin Eugene Aldrin. Buzz changed his name because his little sister couldn’t pronounce brother but instead she said Buzzer. In 1988 he legally changed his name to Buzz. His dad encouraged Buzz to fly an aeroplane because he was a Colonel in the US Air Force. The Mom was the daughter of the Army Chaplain, therefore Buzz was surrounded by Military influences.


In 1947 he graduated from Montclair high school and headed west point to the Millitary Academy, New York. He went on to gain doctorate at the MIT in the Gemimi target office of the Air Force Division , Los Angeles.


He was a fighter pilot who shot bombs out of planes and he exploded Ohio. Then he started to work for Nasa which stands for National Astronautics and Space Administration.


He became an Astronaut on October 1963 and he wrote 2 books on his activities. He returned to earth on the 24th of July 1969.He was the second man to walk on the moon because Neil Armstrong was the 1st man to walk on the moon.

Life after being an astronaut

In 1971 he returned to the Air Force and retired a year later. Dr Aldrin was the presedent of Starcraft Enterprise ,Languna Beach , Calafornia.

Happy New Year!

2015 has brought a lot of exciting change to Year 4. Mrs Akers and Mrs Twomey are enjoying getting to know all of the children in Class 4. The children have been enthusiastic about their new topics and we are really pleased that some children have handed in some lovely pieces of homework already. Katie has worked particularly hard and handed in an incredible amount of homework, well done Katie! Also, well done to those children who have received stickers for reaching the star by the end of the day. Pheobe has nearly completed her sticker chart already, well done Pheobe!

Cadbury’s World.

Class 4 enjoyed a fantastic Day out at Cadbury’s World. The Day began with an interesting talk where we learnt about the origins of chocolate, and how it has developed into the chocolate we taste today. We also got the chance to look at the way Cadbury’s advertise their chocolate. We are able to identify lots of examples!

We were very excited to enter the exhibition and really enjoyed all the interactive activities. We met The Aztecs, The Mayans and the famous Spanish exploror, Cortez. Desterny lost a bet to a rich lady, and we all got shaken like cocoa beans!

It was a lovely day, and we got to eat our lunch outside before entering ‘Essence’, where we got the opportunity to find out about the discovery of Dairy Milk and taste some of the yummy liquid chocolate!
The day flew by and soon it was nearly time to go, but not before a visit to the Cadbury’s shop! We all had some difficult choices to make…Crunchie or Wispa?

The children had a fabulous time and they behaved brilliantly. I was very impressed by how much information they had remembered from their work in class, and they were a credit to Kitwell. Well done Class 4. Cadbury photos coming soon…

Good Work

Well done to Kayli and Tony as both were nominated for Good Work assembly. Kayli has been working very hard in school and at home with her spellings, in recent weeks she has managed to get 20/20 and Tony has worked very hard in Literacy and produced an excellent letter during Big Write.

Have a wonderful half term and we hope you enjoy creating a new chocolate bar, we look forward to tasting them when you return.

Mrs Twomey

Symphony Hall

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Year 4 had the wonderful opportunity of going to Symphony Hall today to see a range of musical styles, orchestras and choirs. We all enjoyed clapping, dancing and singing along. It was the inspiration we needed to get practising on our cornets!
Have a look at our photos to see how much fun we had.

Mrs Allen