Leapfrog Challenge

Congratulations to:
 who all achieved their Leapfrog Challenge today. 

Education City- Some of you wanted the password and username so that you could try some of the different Year 4 activities.  If you find some of them too difficult try the Year 3 activities and if you think you can face a challenge why not try some of the Year 5 activities!

user name-330kitwell
password- 793337
Don’t forget to learn your spellings and remember to write five exciting sentences using some of the ‘wow’ words on the list.
Miss O’Neill


What a wonderful week!!

We have had a fantastic week in Class 4.  Everybody has worked extremely hard and you should all feel very proud of yourselves!  Congratulations to Loui-Jayden who shared his outstanding Numeracy work with the rest of the school in Good Work Assembly.  Chloe was also chosen to show her excellent Topic work.  Bethany, Ellie-May, Oliver and Shelby all achieved their Leapfrog challenge this week so well done to all of you.  We have had such a great week that Ellie-May, Shauna, Maigen, Harry, Bethany, Loui-Jayden, Chelsea, Dillon, Emily, Keryn and Jensen were rewarded with a zone board prize as they were all on the gold zone three or more times this week! 

Thank you for a wonderful week!  Have a lovely weekend and I will see you all on Monday.
Miss O’Neill

Good Work Assembly

Well done Shelby and Jamaul for being chosen to share their good work with the rest of the school in assembly this afternoon.  Shelby was chosen to share her amazing research about our new ‘Space’ topic which she carried out at home.  Jamaul has worked extremely hard in Numeracy and has shown an exceptional attitude in all areas of learning this week. 

I was also very proud of Ciaran, Robert and Dillon for achieving their Numeracy leapfrog challenge this week.

Well done and keep up the hard work!

Miss O’Neill

School Closure on Tuesday 19th January 2010

Class 4.

Today, we discussed the fact that school may be closed tomorrow because of our boiler problems. However, it is still officially a ‘school day’ and I would appreciate it if you would do some work at home. Here are a few things that you could do:
  • read your reading books and other books you have at home
  • when reading, ‘steal’ wow words and use them in your own sentences
  • identify expressive language in stories that you read
  • continue to practise your times tables
  • have a look at this website where there are lots of exciting activities for you to complete www.hamiltonathome.org.uk

We have enjoyed carrying out research about our new ‘Space’ topic so use this website www.bbc.co.uk/science/space/solarsystem to answer the following questions:

  • What is the size of planet Earth?
  • What is the distance between Earth and the Sun?

Then go to www.oxfam.org.uk/…our…GlobeUnwrapped/GlobeUnwrapped.htm to learn the 7 continent regions of the World and the main ocean names.

Work hard and I’ll see you at school!

Kitwell Primary School and Nursery Class