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‘The Skeleton King’ by Lewis

One Halloween, Bob was walking down the cobbled stone path. It was way past dusk. But then he heard MARCH MARCH and an army of zombies stomped behind the Skeleton King with a battered sword.

He followed them into a millennium year old church with a statue made from pure bronze saying ‘Go back!’ He barely listened and crept into a creeky tunnel.

He saw a zombie and chased it with the battle pike to kill it. In the basement, the wooden pillars would not hold much longer. BOOM! CRASH!!! The roof fell down and he saw the Skeleton King. The Skeleton King consumed Bob.

‘Ha ha ha ha haaaaaa,’ croacked the Skeleton King. He was half human half skeleton.

‘Ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaa!’


The End

Diary Account by Ranvijay

Dear Diary.

In the six week holiday I went to India. I was really excited. I travelled in a plane with my family.

When we arrived I went to a farm. It was amazing. We saw cows and a buffalo.

We had a pool on the farm. I went for a swim with Ransher. It was awesome. We played lots of games in the swimming pool.

I saw cow poo on the farm. It was gross so I ran away. We went in the green house with the roses. I smelled the rose. It smelled fantastic. I wish I could go back soon.