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Types of Police by Emily

What type of police are there?
Traffic Police
Direct traffic or serve in a traffic or roads policing unit enforcing rules of the road. Traffic police include officers who patrol major roads and also police who address traffic infractions on other roads.
Patrol Police
Answer calls for service.
Directive Patrol Team
A squad of experienced officers who target specific problems/problem areas.
Response Officer
Officers who are trained to be the first line of response in any emergency situation.
Armed Response Officer
An armed unit within each territorial police force in the United Kingdom.[1]
Dog Officer
There are many different types of police dogs such as sniffer dogs, dogs that can sniff drugs and bombs, attack dogs.
PCSO (community support)
A uniformed civilian member of police support staff in England and Wales.
Air Observer Part of the Air Support Unit
Operates one of the Met’s three Eurocopter EC145 helicopters and provides 24 hour aerial assistance for vehicle pursuits, suspect searches and public order incidents.
Line Access Officer~
These highly trained officers search restricted spaces to help locate vital evidence and search for missing vulnerable people. They also carry out searches in hard to reach places to protect VIPs and the general public at major London events.
Motorcycle Officer
These officers are able to reach critical locations in traffic or where there are unexpected obstacles. They help to reduce the number of traffic related deaths, injuries and crimes on London’s roads. Some officers also perform special escort and diplomatic protection roles.
Chemical Officer
These are specially trained officers who deal with situations involving hazardous materials and who ensure the safety of the public.
Mounted Officer
Mounted Branch officers’ duties include high visibility patrols and the policing of events such as football matches and demonstrations. The high vantage point and versatility of mounted officers makes them valued police resource.
Police Volunteer
Volunteers, from all kinds of backgrounds, lend their skills and free time to help make London safer by working in their local borough, in areas such as Safer Neighbourhoods or assisting at the front counter.
Forensic offices
Available around the clock for forensic examination of crime scenes, from theft to murder. Their work for Forensic Services includes finger print and DNA recovery and analysis.
Custody Nurse Practitioner
These nurses are responsible for the health and wellbeing of people in police custody, victims of crime as well as police colleagues.
Specialist Firearms Officer
These highly trained officers’ duties include armed stops and hostage rescues. The armed support provided by the Specialist Firearms Command allows the majority of London policing to be perform.
Underwater Search Officer
The trained diving team supports investigations involving crime, reports missing persons or lost property that cost lots of money.
Volunteer Police Cadet
The cadets offer young people aged 14 and over fantastic opportunities to take part in interesting, and challenging activities, to develop skills and to make a real difference to their community.

My grandad and great grandad were both police officers. My great grandad was in the mounted police.